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Dog Gone Classy

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Breed Facts

Shih-tzu's were introduced in China in the mid-sevententh century.  They are a lively, alert toy dog with a long flowing double coat. Ideal weight of mature dogs is 9 to 16 pounds. Their heads are round, broad, wide between the eyes. Muzzles are square and short. Bites are undershot, backs should be well balanced with a level topline. Tails are set high and carried curved over the back. All colors are permissible. They have wonderful temperments and make great companions and house pets. They are also very low barkers.
Poodles come in three sizes, toy, minature, and standard.  The toy poodle is 10 inches and under at the highest point of the shoulder.  The minature is 10 to 15 inches at the highest point of the shoulders. The standard poodle is 15 inches and over at the highest point of the shoulders. You want a squarely built appearence. Dark oval shaped eyes, ears set closely to the head, muzzle long and straight, and teeth white with a scissored bite.  They should have a level topline with a deep chest, good straight leggs and oval feet.  Coat is curly and solid in color.  They should carry the head and tail up and move with a light springy action.  Poodles are very intelligent, active, proud of themselves, and should have great temperments.

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